About us

About our company

Оur company is founded in 2013.We have 7 years of hosting experience and plenty of happy customers.

Our ambition and successful work for global quality, innovation leadership, high tech security combined with the lowest possible prices on the rapidly growing market of Web Hosting services, takes us to a whole new level ahead of the competition. All of this assured by our friendly team of highly qualified professionals available 24/7/365, makes tons and tons of people happy and satisfied with our service. Just try us!

Our Team

HostAsset is here to provide you with the best of Web Hosting. One of our biggest advantages side by side with our technology, devotion, purpose and professional touch is our team. This team is built by high educated, up-to-date thinking and very experienced professionals who solve each and every customer's issue with friendly and patient approach 24/7/365. We give confidence to our clients to be successful, which is one of the ways to create a strong relationship between us. This is the way of success.

Our Mission

Obviously we as any other company have the ambitions to develop, this however would be impossible without our customers. For that reason our mission was to create high quality and secure Web Hosting Service including many other extras at the lowest possible prices on market. Hereby our customers are satisfied and we can develop and improve ourselves to offer even better service!

Our Technology

Its a pleasure for us to satisfy the needs of our customers with professional service, safety and last but not least high technology. Thats why we custom build and design our servers to provide our clients with exactly what their businesses or their websites in general need. We also run our own custom Linux kernel and benefit from a nationwide fiber network. Briefly, the main purpose is our customers to grow their businesses online supported by a professional partner and the latest technologies.

Our Data Center

Our data center is located in Newark, New Jersey, USA and it's one of the most advanced data centers in the USA. Diesel generators, UPS backup, 24/7/365 monitoring, tape libraries, hand scanners, security alarms, reliability, disaster recovery and multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections to locations all over the world is one of the many advantages of our data center. Nothing but the best for our customers and their businesses!

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