High Quality VPS Solutions

In general, VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server hosting) is the result of partitioning very powerful physical server into few virtual servers. The benefits provided are the functionality and power of a dedicated server but at a much lower price. The VPS is a completely individual machine with root control and own CPU and RAM. It has easier management, dynamic resource tuning, and higher reliability than the standard dedicated servers. Our Virtual Private Servers are powered by OpenVZ and use the OpenVZ Hypervisor for managing CPU, memory, and interrupts.




2 Cores @ 6.8GHz
2 GB Memory
85 GB SSD disk
2 IP Addresses

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3 Cores @ 10.2GHz
3 GB Memory
110 GB SSD disk
2 IP Addresses

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3 Cores @ 10.2GHz
4 GB Memory
150 GB SSD disk
3 IP Addresses

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4 Cores @ 13.6GHz
6 GB Memory
200 GB SSD disk
4 IP Addresses

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With each VPS plan we provide



UNLIMITED Email Accounts




ULTRA Fast Network Speed

FULL Root Access

PRIVATE Name Servers

FREE Setup/Configuration

FULLY Managed (via cPanel)

Lighting fast speed with Intel XEON Processors

The amazing thing about the Intel Xeon processors, though, is how much more there is to them than one might have expected. Intel's architects and designers have crammed formidable new technologies into these chips in order to allow them to scale up to large core counts and multiple sockets. The result may be the most impressive set of CPUs Intel has produced to date, with numbers for core count and throughput that pretty much boggle the mind.

Ultra Fast and Secured Network

It's a pleasure for us to satisfy the needs of our customers with security and the latest technologies available. That's why our service is linked with multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections to locations all over the world in order to provide our customers the best service possible. Along with your website speed, your security and privacy are our top priorities. We have both technical and legal systems in place which allow us to protect your business and privacy.

Tools of the trade of every VPS plan

With each and every our Shared, Reseller and VPS plan we provide lots and lots of features for your convenience and great experience. You do not need to think and manage all the aspects of your web hosting. We are here to do it for you!

Money Back Guarantee

We are sure that you will be pleased and satisfied with our service, but if you decide to cancel your account for any reason during the first 30 days of the activation, we will refund the full amount of money.


Uptime Guarantee

You need your website to be accessible for visitors 24/7/365 days of the year.Well, this is one of our priorities. We make sure that our customers are going to get what they are paying for!


Professional Support

If you ever need assistance for your services that you have with us we are here to help. We have the best experts and they are available 24h per day, 7 days per week,365 days per year.


Migrations and Transfers

We will provide you complete FREE assistance for data migration from else where. Please notice that our experts are fully qulified to perform any kind of migrations without risk for your data.

Our plans don't meet your requirements? No problem!

We are very flexible. If none of our plans meets your requirements, you can custom build your own server, so it can perfectly fit your needs for better experience. Please, contact our friendly support in order for them to customize and build your server per your needs. Our customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities!

VPS Plan Comparison

Firm Company Industrial Corporate
CPU 6.8GHz/2core 10.2GHz/3core 10.2GHz/3core 13.6GHz/4core
RAM 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB 6 GB
Disk Space 85 GB 110 GB 150 GB 200 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
IPAddresses 2 2 3 4
First Month $13.95 $20.95 $27.95 $34.95
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*Prices are with highest discount and VAT is excluded